Rasika Khode

In the limited time we get to prove our capability, chase our dreams and turn our passion to a prospering career- I am proud to say, I have made it. But as it has been said, I have miles to go before I sleep! I am Rasika Khode, a fashion buyer and merchandiser, business consultant, brand strategist and creative director of RusHush. The journey behind these multifarious titles and fields of expertise is a testimony of my diligence, sincerity and perseverance.

Sometimes when the odds are against us, our invincible drive to make our dreams our reality is what creates ground for success and satisfaction. I have fought the fire through my journey, shown resilience, consistency and grit even before the taste of success. While things never fall into our laps easy, certain strategies, methodologies and connections can help you make your business growth journey smooth and with minimal pitfalls or obstacles. While I empower you with the practical knowledge, I also instill in you the confidence to strive, fight and climb all mountains that come your way. 

My vision is to give wings to the dreams of every woman who aspires to establish herself as a boss woman, a capable entrepreneur. With the duo of knowledge and expertise alongside my ardent desire to guide businessmen and women to their perfect lives, I transform fashion businesses and lead them to the pinnacle of success. Come, join me on this journey that fulfills your life goals!